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Dec 9, 2013 8:00am EST
-- bribery law exchange for having business steered directly to their firm. mike mckee is joining us. dennis is joining us from washington. dennis, let's start with you. you say this is been a long time coming. reason whyctly the these banks should be regulated even more. >> i'm not so sure it is quite that. we have a far-flung operation of global banks. the headquarters in new york have no idea what is going on. there appear to be reports of systemic illegal contact -- conduct in china. jpmorgan, jamie dimon and his executives had no idea what was going on with london whale. when you have banks this egg throughout the world, they're not just too big to fail, they're too big to manage. this is the latest example. >> i wonder what the report made you think today. i was amazed at the spreadsheet that they had. they were tracking the value of the hiring of family members. in particular, there was one family that they said the new york office would be surprised by his napping habits. i wonder what was most egregious to you. >> it reminds me of the libor scandal. these far-flung operations thinks
Dec 5, 2013 8:00am EST
this morning and regulators will vote next week on a law that could affect $44 billion in revenue from the five to get banks. microsoft expanding encryption to protect customer information following reports that the government was intercepting data. the company is also stepping up legal efforts to protect the data. belown plunged 20%, $20,000. the people's bank of china said bitcoin is not a currency with real money -- meaning, and does not have the same legal status as hard currency. it might in the future. we're standing by for the latest read on the economy. initial jobless claims and personal consumption on deck. we have a jobs report tomorrow. michael mckee has the real deal on the numbers. data, two other central banks have their decisions -- no change on the ecb or the bank of england. >> but it does tell us something. there are implications for both of the banks in making no decisions. the bank of england, their economy is picking up and the government raise their economic nexth forecast to 2.4% year. should that push up inflation, they have a problem. they are already at 2.6%. by doing
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2